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Kitchen Design Ideas and Inspiration Images

For the home chef: Get inspired by these kitchen design ideas* and inspiration images. From practical islands to trendy countertops to beautiful art, the ideas are a’cookin’!

*For this article, we partnered with Modernize, a home improvement service. Check out the tips brought to you by their kitchen remodel pros throughout the list below.

kitchen design ideas

1. Strategic Coloring

This kitchen is simple but doesn’t get lost thanks to strategic coloring. Black-paneled walls contrast against a white countertop and chairs – distressed to keep the vibe soft. Meanwhile, small wall art lines the sink area and wall and adds a touch of rustic style. Finally, a space-defining rug adds texture and separates ‘cooking area’ from ‘sitting room.’ Key takeaway: Sometimes, simpler is better. What little decoration there is (like the cake and tray stand along the counter) is kept to a minimum for a polished look.

kitchen design

2. Off-Kitchen Storage

An off-kitchen storage space, designed for meal-prepping, makes practical use of a counter/island set in a corner. True, the charming rustic chair and stool steal the show, but we have to give honorable mention to the spacious chef’s shelves under-table (shown here storing a rolling pin, mixing bowl, jar storage and tray accessories).

kitchen ideas

3. Kitchenette

The focal point of this kitchenette is undeniably the marble countertops. Clean white + a touch of subtle grey is trending (a quick search for #decor on Instagram is all the proof you’ll need) and grounds the row of white + black cabinetry along the back wall. Also note the matte black faucet, black-and-chrome appliances and black vinyl and silver metal stools, which provide a textural contrast against the marble.

— Tip from the Modernize Pros —

“The wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets is a remarkable addition to this kitchen. If you’re considering a budget remodeling project, you can easily keep the same cabinet boxes, assuming they’re in good shape, and simply choose to replace or resurface the cabinet and drawer fronts. Replacing costs more but might be worth it if the cabinets are very old and you need new functionality; resurfacing can be an excellent budget-friendly option if your cabinet fronts are still in good shape.” – Modernize

kitchen design inspiration

4. Stone Top

Another example of how marble fits perfectly into a kitchen setting: This floating island (with a built-in sink) boasts a beautiful stone top. We also love the highly-modern chrome refrigerator and stove, both of which are also built into the structural design to save space and create a cohesive feel. Last but not least, we’ve got the obligatory word art; though word art (or “message art”) is less in fashion now than it was a few years ago (decorators are favoring abstract art over it), this particular design gets away with fitting into a contemporary scheme thanks to its minimalism, small size and chic grey frame).

kitchen design image

5. Minimalism

Who knew a refrigerator could be such a statement? Here, its sleek chrome finish pops out against a white-paneled pantry and balances out the stove on the left. At the forefront, a warm table-and-chairs setup runs parallel to the kitchen border, itself a practical counter space. Again, a clean look – with minimal clutter/decor.

kitchen design inspiration image

6. Grey Granite

Ahh, the sweet, sweet look of grey granite in a modern kitchen. In this space, it grounds, creating mod-cool definition. It’s edgy, but not so much; a row of more traditional-looking fabric counter stools helps to ease off the sharpness. (Granite, by the way, is less expensive than marble but provides the same ‘glossy stone’ aesthetic – a perfect alternative for budget-seekers.)

— Tip from the Modernize Pros —

“Also notice that the sink, stovetop, and ovens are all strategically placed in this kitchen. When you’re planning a possible remodel, ask yourself: are there any areas where appliances will collide? For instance, can you open the oven door and the refrigerator at the same time? Also keep in mind the typical foot traffic in your kitchen. Will the island be a hindrance?” – Modernize

kitchen design ideas inspiration image

7. Cutting Board Countertop 

A sleek grey slab acts as this kitchen’s heavy-duty surface; thanks to the high-cleanability of Corian, quartz, stainless steel and other popular materials, using a countertop as a cutting board, meal prep area and serving station is the easiest thing ever. A bright white base, neutral wood floors and blue kitchen chairs act as the finishing touch.

8. Modern

This space brings “modern” to the front, showcasing a delightfully abstract art piece, a plaid backsplash, grey cabinetry and hanging sphere-shaped bulbs. In the kitchenette area to the side, a round dining table complements nicely with crushed velvet chairs – the entire set “scaled down” to fit comfortably in a small space.

kitchen design ideas and inspiration image

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