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If you really want to wow your guests, you’ll want to work on your home’s first impression. An inspiring interior design will drop your guests’ jaws, leaving them oohing and aahing as they glance slowly around and across the room. To truly make your home pop, here are eight foolproof tips from home décor experts that’ll blow everyone—including yourself—away.

Add canvas prints to give a quirky tone to your home

8 Best Interior Designing Tips To Know - tips, interior design, home decor, decorate walls, canvas

Canvas prints are everywhere, from college dorms to your children’s bedrooms. However, with the right design, you can hang canvas prints in your living room without feeling like you’re trying to impress school students. What’s awesome about canvas prints is that they last for decades, unlike some works of art that require a touch-up every few years. And they’re affordable to boot, so if you grow tired of one print, getting a custom-made substitute won’t break the bank.

Alternatively, decorate blank walls with creative posters

If you don’t like the look and feel of canvas prints, then perhaps posters are the way to go. Posters are no longer just for college students; they add a ton of color to bland rooms and are easily replaceable over time. Illuminated posters, framed posters, vintage posters—choose whatever type tickles your fancy. Just note that to get the right print sizes, you might have to hire a professional printing service. As such, make sure you hand over your poster design as a PDF file to maintain the best ratio aspect and DPI possible. Free online services like PDFChef by Movavi work great at converting image files to PDF.

A bit of red goes a long way

8 Best Interior Designing Tips To Know - tips, interior design, home decor, decorate walls, canvas

Author of Every Room Should Sing, Beata Heuman, revealed an easy trick that she claims gives her home projects a bit more oomph. According to Beata, a touch of red is the perfect cherry on top of any interior design scheme. While bright red might stick out amidst a neutral-colored background, this risky yet brave addition to your home is bound to add a pleasing effect. Don’t go overboard—a red lampshade, throw pillow, or cushion is all it takes to give that extra zing to a room.

Swatch your paint before choosing a particular hue

8 Best Interior Designing Tips To Know - tips, interior design, home decor, decorate walls, canvas

To swatch paint means to let it dry so that you can assess its appearance in its final, dried-out form. Doing this will give you a good idea of what your walls and/or ceiling will look like during all times of the day. You can do this by choosing a range of colors and painting them on pieces of paper. Allow them to fully dry before hanging them up on walls or a ceiling. Take time out of your day to look at the colors and see which you like the best.

Use your line of sight as a basis for mounting a TV

The ideal height to mount a TV is at the same level you’ll watch it from.  So, make sure that you place the TV at the same height as your head while sitting to get the best viewing angles with the least amount of strain. When redesigning your kitchen, hang it at the same level as your eye line when sitting on stools or chairs. Ideally, the distance between your sofa or chair should is 1.5 times the size of your TV screen.

Add warmth with wood

Living rooms and kitchens may lack the warmth you’re looking for. Thankfully, there’s a simple antidote for that: wood. Wood-based accessories and furniture are simple add-ons that give texture and character to a room without becoming the main attraction. Don’t worry about spending an arm and a leg on high-quality, name-brand furniture—an orbital sander and some varnish can restore the life in reclaimed wood.

Give your floors a voice

Similar to ceilings, floors often go unnoticed in the interior designing process. However, that should change, seeing as how much space floors actually take. You’ll want to create a striking pattern without going overboard. Carpets can tie a room together, hardwood floors add elegance, and bare tiles let off a clean vibe without being too loud. Make sure that the flooring option is one that you both fall in love with and can afford.

Stick to the golden ratio

8 Best Interior Designing Tips To Know - tips, interior design, home decor, decorate walls, canvas

The golden ratio proportion is what we often notice in nature without actively paying attention to our surroundings. It’s been used by artists and designers for centuries, and homeowners can get good use out of adhering to this timeless rule. The golden ratio works by dividing up a room into different sections, where each section is roughly two-thirds the size of the previous section. For instance, an island takes up roughly two-thirds the size of the dining table and seating arrangement.

It’s Time to Get Started!

With these simple yet super-effective interior designing tips, you, too, can create a space that not only wows your guests but impresses you every time you enter your home. If you’re unsure of what changes to implement or you don’t have the budget to go all-out, just work on your home little by little. Over time, you’ll notice a significant change in atmosphere and comfort.

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