Have you ever craved coffee tables that are both classy and functional? Maybe one that will complete your living room? A coffee table is generally a decor item, but what if you can make use of it while relaxing? Modern coffee tables are designed in a way that they do just that. They serve multiple functions at the same time, like providing storage for magazines and books.

With so many options available on modern coffee tables, it’s hard to know what you should be looking for. Wood or glass? Small or large? Well, I’ve been shopping around and wanted to share my top 4 choices.

1.Wood coffee tables

If you are a coffee drinker, having a coffee table with a proper armchair makes sense, but tying the design of your table to the type of wood used may not be one of your priorities. While most coffee tables are designed after the style of a round top and then made using either glass or wood or even metal as their material, there has been a new player entering the playground that is unique in its design and usage.

Top 5 Choices in Modern Coffee Tables - Wrought Iron Coffee Tables, Noguchi Coffee Tables, coffee tables

2.Glass tables

Glass coffee tables have been around for a number of years now. If you live in a house with a traditional living room set-up, you will find these tables more than welcome. They give your room an aesthetic appeal, and they also serve as very functional pieces of furniture as well. It is important to note that not all glass coffee tables are made from the same materials or built to last for the same period of time. Some can be broken very easily depending on the type of glass that was used in it. So if you are looking to replace your old coffee table which is wrecked because your one year old decided to use it as his toy truck, you will want to buy a table made from tempered glass.

Top 5 Choices in Modern Coffee Tables - Wrought Iron Coffee Tables, Noguchi Coffee Tables, coffee tables

3.Noguchi Coffee Tables

Noguchi coffee tables are a sleek and minimalist symbol of true interior design style. With round and square top tables, their alignments are as perfect as their best materials that make them unforgettable collectables. Noguchi table is a coffee table designed by Japanese American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. All of the Noguchi coffee tables were designed in California, mostly from wood and are manufactured in New York. Noguchi’s original table design was an object which could be produced and sold at an affordable price.

Top 5 Choices in Modern Coffee Tables - Wrought Iron Coffee Tables, Noguchi Coffee Tables, coffee tables

4.Bamboo Coffee Tables

Bamboo coffee tables are the perfect addition to any home. These exquisitely crafted coffee tables are aesthetically pleasing and are also highly practical. You’ll find a wide range of different sizes, styles, shapes, and finishes in our selection of bamboo coffee tables. The clean, streamlined design is timeless and remains a popular choice for many homeowners looking for a high-quality table at an affordable price. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can produce more material per acre than any other plant on Earth. The bamboo plant grows to maturity in 3 to 5 years, so it produces cells much faster than trees and sustains less damage from insects and disease.

Top 5 Choices in Modern Coffee Tables - Wrought Iron Coffee Tables, Noguchi Coffee Tables, coffee tables

5.Wrought Iron Coffee Tables

You either love ’em or hate ’em. Or, depending on your lifestyle and how much housework you do, you could be indifferent. It seems that there’s one type of coffee table that everyone loves, though: wrought iron coffee tables. Not only are they able to withstand intensive sunlight, but they can also be used indoors (even where tile is). Whether you want a table with artistic design, want that rustic look, or are looking for an eye-catching accessory, here are some great options for wrought iron coffee tables!

Original wrought iron coffee tables are extremely heavy and hard to move around. There is no easy way to get one of these tables out of the way. You need to have at least four strong people to even think about moving one. An original table will weigh between 50 and 300 pounds, depending on the size and brand of the original metal table. The table’s weight makes it very difficult to tip over, but this can be accomplished by the right amount of pressure on the tabletop.

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