Gorgeous Baby Girl Room Decoration Ideas

Getting ready to greet your baby girl and bring her home is a really exciting time, and the period leading up to the birth is time to be treasured just as much as meeting your little one. There are so many things to enjoy, and one of the biggest joys is decorating the nursery. 

There are so many different ways you could go about designing the space—from a traditional pink nursery to something a little more contemporary. As fun as it is, it can also feel a little daunting when there are so many possibilities to choose from and decisions to make. Here are some of the best baby girl nursery ideas to help inspire you for your own baby girl’s room. 

1.Convertible Crib with Changing Table 

This white cot with an attached changing table and storage is a great option that keeps everything right where you need it. As your baby girl grows you can convert the cot into a toddler bed, then a full-size day bed, so it will grow with your baby and last for years. This cot would look great in a modern pink and grey themed nursery, or a more gender-neutral nursery if you stick to earthy tones.

2.Create a Calming Natural Look with this Wallpaper

Create a Calming Natural Look with this Wallpaper

When planning how to decorate your baby girl’s room think about choosing calming tones and using materials that give a peaceful atmosphere. 

This wallpaper by Serena and Lilly is great because while there are things to look at, like the elephants on the wallpaper, it’s not so busy that your eyes are darting around the room. The soft pastel tones make the room feel relaxing whatever your age.

3.A Blush Reclining Chair for a Baby Girl’s Nursery

A Blush Reclining Chair for a Baby Girl’s Nursery

As much as your baby girl is the priority when looking for nursery ideas, you also need to think about the amount of time that you will be spending in there while caring for her. The space needs to be comfortable and functional for you as well as for your baby girl. You will want somewhere to sit when nursing or soothing her, so choose a comfortable chair that you can curl up in. 

This reclining chair is the perfect solution as it’s adjustable to your needs. It also comes in a variety of colors which gives you options when decorating your baby girl’s nursery.

4.Choose a Lamp that Makes you Happy

Choose a Lamp that Makes you Happy

The children’s and nursery sections of websites have the best selection of lighting, so you can find something that will entertain your new baby girl as well as make you smile when you walk into the room. 

If you’re an animal lover then you’re in luck because a lot of the lamps are animal-themed. This would be great inspiration for you to create a barnyard or safari-themed nursery, making a really unique baby girl’s room.

5.Choose Artwork that Inspires The Imagination

Choose Artwork that Inspires The Imagination

We always think about choosing artwork in the ‘adult’ rooms of the house, but why wouldn’t you do that when decorating a baby girl’s nursery? Choose prints that offer the opportunity to inspire or educate your baby girl as she grows up. 

This print with lots of different animals on would help you to create a unique baby girl nursery theme by leaning into the idea of a safari or barnyard-inspired nursery, but as she gets older you can help her to name each of the animals and explain what each animal is like. It will also help your baby girl to use her imagination to think about each other animals

6Create Fun Storage Spaces

Create Fun Storage Spaces

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing a baby girl’s nursery is the practicality and function of the space. It’s wise to think about storage while you’re designing the nursery rather than needing to add it in afterward. 

This house-shaped bookshelf will provide a great amount of storage. When your baby girl is a newborn you can add baskets to the shelves to store everyday essentials, then you can put books and playthings on it as she gets older.

7.Find Clever Ways to Store Toys

Find Clever Ways to Store Toys

Kids always have a lot of toys, and your baby girl will probably not be an exception to this. Friends and family love to buy gifts for the new baby, but your challenge is where to store them all. 

As your baby girl gets older it’s important for her to be able to access (and tidy away) her own toys. This stylish toy chest will fit in well with a baby girl’s nursery, providing plenty of storage space for toys and games as she grows.

8.Create a Play Area

Create a Play Area

When thinking about designing your baby girl’s nursery, think about creating a space for play. While as a baby this will be quite limited, it’s easier to think about it now when the room is a blank canvas than trying to fit it in later. 

These white bucket shelves will be great for organizing anything you need when your baby girl comes home, like nappies, muslin cloths, or toys, but as she grows up you will be able to use them for her to help herself to toys without needing to ask you. This is important for encouraging your baby girl to play and be independent.

9.Create a Play Area With an Indoor Teepee Tent

Create a Play Area With an Indoor Teepee Tent

When trying to design the perfect baby girl’s nursery it can be difficult to balance stimulation and relaxation to create a multifunctional space that your baby can both play and sleep in. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a teepee tent or a tented canopy to create a nook for reading or playing within. While a canopy won’t entirely cover the play area, it’s still a great way to mentally separate the two areas. 

10.Choose Blackout Curtains

Choose Blackout Curtains

Your baby girl is likely to sleep during the day quite a lot when she first comes home. While younger babies can fall asleep in most places, as she gets older it’s important to make her room easy to fall asleep in. 

Choose curtains that will block out all or most of the light, giving your little one an ideal sleeping environment. These rainbow print blackout curtains are perfect for creating a unique baby girl’s nursery theme.

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