6 Cool Things to Put in Your Room

When you decide to redecorate or move into a new space, it can be a struggle to put your personality on a blank white box, but start online shopping, and that struggle suddenly turns into a fun way to spend your evenings. 

There are so many cool bedroom accessories online that range from unique and quirky to understated and modern. So, grab a cup of coffee and scroll through some of our top picks of the best bedroom accessories.

1.Let’s Talk about THE Gold Flamingo Lamp

Let’s Talk about THE Gold Flamingo Lamp

Animal lamps are nothing new – they’ve been doing the rounds on the internet for a few years now with good reason – but that doesn’t make them any less cool. 

This gold flamingo lamp definitely makes you smile when you look at it, and it instantly has the “I want that” factor, which makes it undoubtedly one of the coolest bedroom accessories. It comes with a green lampshade, but it’s very simple to change this to match with your own decor, or keep the green and give your space a pop of color!

2.Turn your Bed into the Ultimate Den with a Canopy

Turn your Bed into the Ultimate Den with a Canopy

One of the ultimate dreams as a kid is to have your own secret hideaway. You probably spent a ridiculous amount of time making forts on Saturday mornings, and let’s be honest, you still want to now, don’t you? 

The difference is that you’re an adult now, so you have your own money, and if you want to build a blanket fort, there’s no one to stop you! Having said that, this canopy from Urban Outfitters is definitely a more Instagram-friendly way of having your own fort and is a really cool bedroom accessory. 

3.Organize your Clutter with this Stunning Decorative Tray

Organize your Clutter with this Stunning Decorative Tray

One of the most important styling hacks that no one tells you until you’re older is that if you leave things out on the side it’s considered clutter, but if you put the exact same objects on a stylish tray or plate it’s suddenly decorative. 

Adding a tray to any table or desk space that’s looking a little messy is an instant way to elevate your room decor. This gorgeous tray comes in almost every color you could imagine so it will fit perfectly with your theme, making it one of the best bedroom accessories. 

4.Add a Touch of Glamour with these Unique Book Ends

Add a Touch of Glamour with these Unique Book Ends

If you’re looking for cool pieces to decorate your bedroom then bookends are always a must. Not only do they help to keep your books organized, but they look pretty cool too, making them the perfect accessory for your shelves!

Despite being two separate pieces it looks like they wrap around the books as if they were custom made just for you. Choose your best books to display because any guest will be staring at them for hours trying to work out how they fit together.

5.Add Personality to Your Space with Cool Furniture

<img src="" alt="Add Personality to Your Space with Cool Furniture

If you’re looking for a standout piece that will be the centerpiece in your new room then this archway cabinet definitely fits the bill. 

It comes in a variety of colors and has a really interesting shape that will give your room a lot of personality. Add some baskets to hide what you don’t want people to see, then use a few of the shelves to make a pretty display that shows off your quirks. 

6.Use these Cool Pots for Anything – Not just Plants!

<img src="" alt="Use these Cool Pots for Anything – Not just Plants!

Anthropologie is known for having weird and wonderful things that can’t be found anywhere else, so it’s an excellent place to look if you want to find cool stuff for your bedroom

These planters are no exception. If you love a relaxed boho theme then face design and earthy colors will fit your space perfectly. Yes, they’re plant pots, but if you don’t need any more plants in your room then use them to store whatever you need – paperclips, hair ties, and stationery would all work well.

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