Beautiful Rooms With Beach and Coastal Cottage Decor

Beach cottage style brings together cozy and casual elements to reflect an easy-going way of coastal life. When you think of beach cottage decor, white may come to mind. In a beach-inspired space, whites, neutrals, and pastels create the canvas for accents of bold colors, such as navy blue, corals, or golds. Architectural elements of a beach cottage style include white beadboard walls and ceilings. Blue and white dominate this coastal living room by Emily Henderson. It’s a carefree space for unwinding after a day of sun and water. 

Simple in White

Large papasan chair with nautical colored pillowsThis open, airy corner of a room is bathed in clean, crisp white with splashes of blues and grays in the toss pillows. The large round wicker chair and gauzy white curtains add subtle texture while creating a breezy hideaway. 

From the Sea

Beachy decor on a table Accessorize beach cottage rooms with items straight from the sand and sea. It makes beach walks even more fun when you spot something as big and bold as an oversize pine cone or shell you can place on your table. The coastal cottage decor is as simple as filling a glass container with sand and adding in a few sprigs of beach grass and beach glass. If you love the look of driftwood decor, look for pieces during early morning walks or after a storm when unusual items appear onshore. Make sure you’re allowed to remove driftwood from your beach because some areas are protected by law

A Modern Angle

Blue and white kitchen

A contemporary beach cottage kitchen by Emily Henderson relies on navy blue and white for its coastal feel. White walls, upper cabinetry, counters, and the beadboard ceiling with beams combine with navy blue lower cabinets and an island for a crisp cottage kitchen. Touches of gold fixtures and chair bases bring in a splash of nautical decor.

Enhance Beautiful Views

Big open beach house ]Embrace beautiful ocean, beach, or harbor views and go light on interior decor. Bare windows maximize the magnificent water views. The pure white walls, bleached wood flooring, and a few key wood pieces in this pared-down open room make it feel like you’re already on the sand. A distressed wood chest painted a hint of ocean blue highlights one of the most favored hues in a beach cottage palette. 

Vintage Charm

Beach cottage decor is relatively free of rules and it can be as eclectic as you’d like. You can feature a combination of antique pieces with modern and contemporary comforts. For example, in a bedroom, a country white lace quilt with vintage light fixtures combine to create a charming beach cottage retreat.

Coastal Romance

White airy bedroom Martin Barraud / Getty ImagesBreezy curtains and soft white bedding under a beadboard ceiling create a private spot for romance at the beach. The crisp, cool all-white modern bedroom makes the space a soothing spot for relaxation after a sizzling day in the sun. Keep pristine bleached hardwood floors in beach cottages clean, use a microfiber dust mop to sweep daily to eliminate grains of sand that can become embedded into the wood over time.

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