9 ways to keep your kitchen organised

Kitchens aren’t just places to cook and eat any more, they’re family living spaces and hubs of activity

Kitchens can be chaotic at the best of times, so consider the flow of movement around the space and plan storage for each individual function for a room that works hard without fuss.

1. Multi-tasking furniture

Opt for built-in banquette seating to house a range of deep drawers and practical pull-out baskets. 

2. Peg rack to hang kitchenalia

Save critical drawer space by hanging up essential utensils. 

3. Freestanding shelving units

Open shelving are also great storage saviours if you lack cupboard space. Open shelving can look messy, so add trugs, boxes and containers to keep your kitchenalia in check. 

4. Open view wall of shelves

Capacious open shelves are a modern alternative to a bulky kitchen dresser – make a style statement by painting them in a dark, striking colour

5. Island unit ledges

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Swap deep or cluttered cupboards for in-built island ledges to give your favourite china a place to stand out

6. Slide and hide storage

Whether you want to show off antique buys or shut away clutter, who wouldn’t want this catch-all cupboard with sliding doors? Even shallow shelves can hold plenty when they span a wide wall area

7. Wheel this portable island in when you need an extra prep surface

8. Mugs, pots, plants – hang them all here

9. Pack bulky jars and bottles into a sturdy wooden apple crate

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