Living room sofa ideas – 5 ways with seating

The living room is often the hub of the home with the family sofa at its heart. Living room sofa ideas will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your living space, so choosing a comfy sofa that looks great and suits the space too is key.

Choosing a living room sofa is the first step, incorporating it into your living room ideas comes next. Cushions and throws are an easy way of adding extra colour to a plain living room sofa and picking complementary colours and patterns that match an existing colour scheme will tie everything together.

Living room sofa ideas

‘If all-over colour and pattern isn’t for you, consider statement detailing,’ says Suzy McMahon, Buying Director at Sofology. ‘Intricate aspects can elevate the style and make a living room sofa feel more luxurious. Whether you prefer buttoning, contrast piping or hand turned feet, remember that these small design features make a big difference.’

‘As a sofa should be a purchase you will love for years to come, consider shapes, colours and patterns carefully to ensure you opt for a style that will work not only with your current scheme, but also transfer to a new look. If in doubt, opt for a neutral design where you can add patterns, colours and textures as and when trends change.’

1. Make a statement with a standout colour

Living room sofa ideas with yellow sofaView colours

Forget safe neutrals and make your living room sofa the focal point by choosing a bold, standout colour. Bright colours can energise a space and be a real mood lifter. Let the sofa colour be the starting point for your colour scheme and bring in soft furnishings and extra accent pieces in complementary colours of equal intensity.

‘From a style perspective, remember that a sofa is often the centrepiece of the room, says Suzy McMahon, Buying Director at Sofology. ‘A new upholstery piece is the perfect opportunity to add personality and colour so consider this when browsing designs.’

‘It’s tempting to pick a neutral style or colour on the basis that you may redecorate, however when investing in a new piece, it’s worth opting for a design and fabric that you’ll love for many years to come to increase its longevity.’

2. Lift a neutral sofa with colour accents

Living room sofa ideas with white sofa and yellow wallView colours

While bright colours are certainly more eye-catching than neutrals, in terms of versatility, neutral sofas are hard to beat. A neutral sofa makes a great base for any living room sofa ideas scheme, around which you can create a variety of different looks and colour themes.

Dress up a neutral sofa with a line-up of colourful cushions and throws, mixing and matching different patterns and colour combinations. Don’t leave it there though, extend your colour theme to include artwork on the wall above the sofa in cheery, complementary tones and bring in a brightly patterned rug in front of the sofa to tie the look together.

3. Create a sociable seating arrangement

Living room sofa ideas with black sofa and chairsView colours

Create symmetry in a living room by using the sofa as an anchor point around which to arrange other furniture.

‘Many homes will naturally have all the seating facing the TV, but by simply adjusting the seating so that it’s facing each other, it will completely transform the space into an area for conversation,’ says Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf.

‘The balance of two sofas facing each other, or even a sofa and two armchairs, will always be visually appealing. If it’s a family room, it’s likely that the sofa will be a main feature – and this could be a corner sofa or chaise. Create balance with a coffee table or storage footstool and an armchair or love seat to one side, which adds weight. The trick is not to group too much furniture in one area.’

4. Zone living space with a corner sofa

Living room sofa ideas with blue corner sofaView colours

Clever furniture placement is an easy way of breaking up a large area, such as an open-plan living space. Use a corner sofa to create a cosy snug within a larger space, with the back of the sofa acting as a room divider. Bring in a large rug as an anchor point, choosing a colourful pattern that co-ordinates with sofa scatter cushions.

‘In a flexible space, there are some pieces of furniture that will work harder than others, so it‘s important to shop wisely and choose something that you love,’ says Jason Billings-Cray of John Lewis & Partners. ‘Use a corner sofa to section off a zone, choosing a mid-dark colour that will withstand its close proximity to the kitchen.’

‘Choose an adaptable palette for an open-plan space, saving colour and pattern for a separate room where you can go a little more crazy as you aren’t there the whole time.’

5. Pair a grey sofa with punchy brights

Living room sofa ideas with green wall and grey velvet sofaView colours

Bolder than neutrals, but calmer than brights, grey is one of the most popular colour options when it comes to sofas. Grey sofa living room ideas are plentiful, as grey tends to work as a neutral so can be partnered with a wide range of colour choices.

Grey comes in many variations, from pale and interesting to dark and dramatic. In a traditional setting, opt for a mid-toned grey, with a classic sofa shape and plush velvet upholstery for an elegant look. Team mid-toned grey with bright accent colours, such as jewel-toned cushions, plush throws, rugs and accessories

‘Smaller rooms benefit from sofas with slimmer proportions and sleek silhouettes. Choose a model with elegant, tapered legs which raise the frame from the floor to give the illusion of more floor space. These larger scale pieces feel more statement and create an anchor to design around without overpowering a large living room. They also help zone, effectively acting as a room divider.’

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