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Pink living room ideas – create a stylish space filled with on-trend colour

The right pink living room ideas in the most suitable shade will make any room look fresh, modern and effortlessly styled. From soft blush pastels to upbeat corals and richer tones of raspberry, fuchsia and cerise, there’s a versatile pink shade to suit all tastes.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to pink living room ideas. Think petal pinks as an accent and use no more than three tonal shades in your palette. Use white as the base. It’s the colour that sets off any pink to its best advantage and other colours are hard to mix with petal tones without looking garish.

At the opposite end of the scale there are hot pinks that make a style statement with unapologetic colour. From deep magenta to hot pink these saturated shades of pink can look fabulous when paired with contrasting accents of slate grey and black.

Whichever pink suits your tastes, the most important aspect when designing your living room is to have fun with your selection.

Make your living room colour scheme reflect your own personal style and bring a touch of personality to your comfortable space. Our pick of the best pink living room ideas will inspire your decorating journey.

Pink living room ideas

1. Pair pink with one dominant accent colour

Pink living room with blue and pink wallpaper and blue sofa

Image credit: Future PLC/ Georgia Burns

Create a stylishly cohesive decorating scheme by working with a coordinated palette. Pair pink with one other dominant accent colour.

This pink living room chooses to celebrate blue, to add a pop of colour against the serene dusky pink background. The pale millennial pink on the walls helps to set the tone as the lead colour, while the blue takes centre stage on the sofa, furniture and artwork.

The wallpapered feature wall is a blend of the two colours to ensure the colour scheme works in perfect harmony. Soft golden sand-coloured textiles add another layer of colour without distracting from the pink and blue living room idea.

2. Paint the ceiling pink

A pink living room with a corner sofa and wooden table

Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez

Why not try an adventurous living room paint idea? Engulf the entire living room in a comforting blanket of buff pink by painting the ceiling, in addition to all four walls.

Painting ceilings is fast becoming a go-to living room trend for the modern home. Incorporating all five walls makes the colour scheme feel more immersive and atmospheric.

Take the colour palette completely from floor to ceiling, including skirting boards, doors and even floating shelves to create a seamless finish to unify all wall surfaces.

3. Make it fashion with hot pink

A hot pink dining room with wooden furniture

Image credit: Lick

For fans of pink – PINK pink – consider using unapologetic shades of the colour to really celebrate this wonderful hue.

From a bubblegum pink on the walls to set the tone, to a paler pink on painted floorboards to add a softer edge, a colour palette of all pink everywhere is a bold way to show off a penchant for the shade in all its glory.

This vibrant shade from Lick paint is Pink 06 described as a ‘perfectly youthful hot pink’. This unapologetic, pure and undiluted pink is sure to welcome warmth to any living room. The pairing of Pink 03 ‘muted bubblegum pink’ works a treat to balance the warm tones.

4. Contrast with shades of grey

A pink living room with a grey ceiling and wooden beams

Image credit: Future PLC/ Benedicte Drummond

Pink and grey living room ideas are a match made in heaven. Both shades offer a full spectrum of tone and depth, with like shades of each colour pairing beautifully. Pale pinks work with stronger shades of charcoal grey and black to create a striking construct of tone, with the lighter colour softening the hardness of the darker shades.

In this pink living room idea the homeowner has used a mid-grey on the ceiling to offset the lighter, pale pink walls. While embracing dark charcoal grey, almost black, furniture pieces to add a punch of clashing impact.

5. Coordinate the window treatments

Peachy pink living room walls, cream sofa and pink curtains

Image caption: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore

Whether your window treatment is a living room curtain idea or on-trend shutters, incorporating the windows into your colour palette goes a long way to balance the room.

This is especially effective in small living rooms because the less you distract from the walls the more generous the space will feel. Matching the wall colours, in this case pink, will ensure the scheme feels cohesive and less imposing on the space.

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