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6 House Goals to Set for Your Ideal Home

This year, create resolutions for your home. (Here, we call them “house goals.”) From outdoor furniture trends to ideas for keeping (and staying) organized, we’ve compiled six of the best ways to get your living quarters spruced up and photograph-worthy. Of course, every home needs different areas of improvement and not everything on this list will apply to yours – so browse the steps below for areas where your home can be improved upon, and get started on tackling your to-do list, today!

home goals greenery

1. Get Green

Bring in something green. Whether it’s an indoor tree from the local nursery, a trendy trough of succulents you spotted from an online ad or a bundle of flowers hand-picked from your own front lawn, anything will do! A home can be the cleanest, most organized home ever, but if it lacks a flower pot here or a tree planter there, it won’t feel complete. If you’re hesitant to take on the task of caring for live plants, start easy with desert-native greens, which will survive (and thrive) even if they’re forgotten about – and left unwatered for long stretches of time.

home goals lighting

2. Light Up

2020 was all about staying at home, and for most of us, that meant spending a lot of time on our computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, phones, gaming consoles, TVs (you get the idea – screens, in general). And if you’re like most of us, you experienced the dreaded side effect of all that time spent on electronics: tired eyes. This time around, treat your home (and your eyes) to a welcome antidote; bring in more lighting. A well-lit house will ease eye strain and tension, and turn up the warm aesthetic.

home goals rugs

3. Stay Grounded

The beautiful thing about floors is that what you see doesn’t always have to be what you get. If your goal is to refresh your space, a new area rug is a good place to start. Area rugs are easy to switch out every few years; they add instant warmth, texture and comfort. Even spaces like laundry rooms and bathrooms could always use a jolt of renewal: small, “welcome mat”-sized rugs are the perfect way to refresh these spaces.

house goal storage

4. Organize Everything

This step may seem like one of those insurmountable house goals you know you want to do, but, realistically, will never get around to accomplishing. Actually, you’d be wrong to think so! When almost every piece of furniture you own is also a storage piece, organizing has never been easier. Opt for storage coffee tables, storage beds, bookcases, decorative storage boxes and benches and lift-top ottomans to give a place for everything.


5. Paint Away

If you know the kind of joy a fresh coat of polish on your manicured nails can bring, then you know the joy of a fresh coat of wall paint. Just as there’s a bottle of nail polish to match every outfit, so is there a can of paint to match every style trend and decor refresh. Make it your goal to paint at least one new accent wall in at least one room of the house. Whether it’s a bright, primary statement or something more neutral, your home will feel upgraded and refreshed – the kind of goal that’s always worth striving towards!

outdoor home goal

6. Go Outdoors

The great outdoors is calling – but we don’t mean some arctic mountain peak or national park hiking trail. Instead, we mean your backyard. Make it your goal to re-examine your outdoor space. Sometimes, the same view you’ve stared at for year after year might not seem that exciting – but it’s almost never something a few key outdoor furniture purchases can’t shake up. Did you know an outdoor coffee table is a thing? What about a patio sectional – or garden stool seating? These are just a few of the trending outdoor designs you can incorporate to make your backyard as comfy (and stylish) as your living room.

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