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Planning To Renovate Your Kitchen

What to include in your kitchen renovation plans

It’s a busy time for home renovations and DIY projects. Revamps are taking place all over the country, as couples and families take the opportunity to modernise and improve their homes. And as people want to start with rooms that will give the most in financial return, kitchen renovations are proving particularly popular.

But kitchens are not a simple room to begin renovating. Especially if you’re in an old property that needs more than superficial work doing. You could soon find yourself spending more than you bargained for as costs spiral. So, what should you include in your kitchen renovation plans to avoid this pitfall?

Hidden problems

Being aware of hidden problems is a good place to start. But, you might ask, how can I spot a problem if it’s hidden? Well, there are some issues you can check for, before you begin.

Firstly, how old are your electrics? If you’re not sure, the type of fuse box or circuit breakers you have may give you a clue. You should check your wiring and electrics are safe and up to scratch before you start installing new kitchen appliances. Having the surprise cost of rewiring a house isn’t something you want on top of your kitchen renovation budget. An electrician can check your electrics for you and cut out any nasty surprises.

Another hidden problem, especially in older homes, is asbestos. Some asbestos is truly hidden and you’re not going to be aware of it until you begin uncovering it. However, there are some common places where asbestos can be found. Old floor tiles and textured ceilings are two common places where this dangerous material can lurk. If you suspect you may have asbestos in your home, you can get a sample tested before you start disturbing anything.

Putting a plan together

Right, so you’re putting a renovation plan together? What do you include? First, are you carrying out the renovation yourself? If so, you’ll need to include a budget for your costs. Tools, protective equipment, materials, and rubbish removal all need to be costed.

For your kitchen materials, you’ll have the cabinets, worktops, sink, appliances, tiles, adhesive and paint to consider. But don’t forget the smaller stuff, like door handles, new kitchen accessories and the various screws, bolts and other fixings.

As well as itemising and costing your materials for the renovation, you’ll need to think about timescales too. If your renovation is going to take quite a bit of time, what are your plans for coping without a kitchen? Some people end up relying more on takeaway food whilst the work is going on, but this needs to be added into your budget.

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