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Experts Reveal The Latest Looks to Revamp Your Bedroom

After spending most of the past year at home, we know we’re not alone when it comes to wanting to revamp our bedrooms with the latest captivating interior designs.

But, despite wanting a refresh, you may find yourself hitting a wall (literally!) for bedroom decorating ideas that’ll take your interior to the next level. Interior experts from Swoon, the UK’s leading online design-led furniture brand, are here to give you the lowdown on must-have statement furniture, tonal colours, and finishing touches that you need to make your bedroom a haven of tranquillity.

Burbage Bed from  Swoon
Burbage Bed from Swoon


First things first, when it comes to the bedroom, try not to mix business with pleasure. It’s important to keep it a relaxing sanctuary in which to rest and recuperate and avoid using it as a place to work from (if you can!). When it comes to upgrading the décor, always keep in mind the bedroom should be a sleek and stylish place that brings nothing but joy when you enter.

Kenley Bed from  Furniture and Choice
Kenley Bed from Furniture and Choice

Opt for tonal colours

The right colour palette can help create a space you want to relax in. By choosing a complementary, neutral colour palette, your bedroom will never feel ‘dated’ but rather a calming space to enjoy at the end of a long day.

Bedding from  Loom & Last
Bedding from Loom & Last


Panelling to create a feature wall is a simple yet effective way to give your bedroom a distinctive look and feel. Just take a look at Instagram and it will show you this is a huge hit at the moment when it comes to bedroom interiors. Why not try your hand at DIY and transform your bedroom yourself?

Paint on Walls - Little Boy Blue from  Benjamin Moore
Paint on Walls – Little Boy Blue from Benjamin Moore

Statement furniture

A bold cabinet or chest of drawers can go a long way when it comes to updating your bedroom. Choose something that will work with the rest of your decor but stand out all the same – the type of furniture that will make you forget what you came into your room for in the first place.

Posters from  Desenio .
Posters from Desenio.

Clever shelving

Shelves do more than just float on the wall – now they’re as much decorative as they are practical. From beautifully detailed floating shelves to artistic freestanding units, it’s a great way to get organised and add some personality to your room.

Porlock Bed from  Swoon
Porlock Bed from Swoon

Finishing touches

The perfect bedroom is never complete without those all-important finishing touches. Adding accessories such as mirrors and the right lighting is what completes any bedroom – giving it that homely feel.

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