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10 Stunning Rustic Table Lamps

If you may have noticed, we have been collecting quite a ton of lamp sets for you guys. Not only are they pretty and interesting pieces but they sure are fancy and quite something nice to have for the house. The lamps in this list of course are rustic and is best for homes that follow that theme for their space; unless of course you plan on doing something eclectic or something funky!

Below is a list of 10 Stunning Rustic Table Lamps that we have collected for you to check out. The designs range from lamps with awesome rustic bodice to stone and rustic DIY-type lamps that you can even make yourselves at home to achieve a rustic feel and looking table lamp that can be easy with the right tools and materials and right help – also, you can definitely see a couple of lamps in here that will somehow remind you of a few things. Take a look.

1. Greenwich Table Lamp

table lamp design

Dimond Lighting

This is one pretty table lamp that sure will come in handy in a space that needs more lighting since this Greenwich table lamp sure is like a 2-in-1 lamp. The opposite drum lamps is a cute contrast to the design which makes it more charming.

2. Frisco Rustic Black Table Lamp

Rustic Table Lamps

Uttermost Furniture

When I saw this lamp, I thought that it looked like something that you put on a dog’s head when it is sort of needs some shots and if people wants to avoid the bites. Haha! Jokingly aside, this one sure looks very similar to something in laboratories in Frankenstein movies.

3. Geneva Rustic Intent Table Lamp

Stunning Rustic lamps

Elegant Lighting

For whatever apparent reason, I really like how this table lamp – if you see the insides, it is designed like a chandelier of some sort while placing it inside a round bronze cage, it gives off a very rustic feel to it.

4. Lipioni Rustic Black Table Lamp

Rustic Black Table Lamp

Uttermost Furniture

Using black in the details of a table lamp more than anything else, creates a more dark feel to it, but adding a soft color like in this example, a neutral colored shade gives it a stunning rustic or vintage feel to it.

5. Pax Table Lamp

Table Lamp design

Stein World

Look at the creative detail of this table lamp. I am not really certain if this is from a sewing machine or another industrial item, but look how much character it gives this Pax table lamp. Ideal for side tables, this is one fun find!

6. Rustic Table Lamp

Rustic Table Lamp

Mathews & Company

Spooky, creative and somehow mysterious; this rustic table lamp is rather appealing than creepy. The design of the body and the leg of this table lamp is quite an interesting piece of furniture. What do you think?

7. Sitka Distressed Rustic Mahogany Table Lamp

Mahogany Table Lamp

Uttermost Furniture

Familiar with this table lamp? Sure, we have a previous list with one just like this only that it was a floor lamp. Uttermost Furniture has the most interesting decorations and lamps that I have seen in a while.

8. Slate Rustic Round Table Lamp

Round lamp design

Coast Lighting

If you like the Flinstones or anything related to the time when cave men and women use rocks as decor and furniture, this table lamp can easily fit in there like a glove. Although of course, the shade is a newer version of things if it was really in that era right?

9. Somerson Gate Post Table Lamp

post design

Kathy Kuo Home

I really like how this lamp looks like a tower that can easily pass as the one in Paris. Haha! This table lamp looks really gorgeous with its design, style and the color too, I mean, this can easily pass as a contemporary lamp but really ideal for rustic spaces too.

10. Ancient Tortoise Table Lamp

post pattern


This one ought to be really interesting because of the theme and the detail of its body. Well, of course tortoises are not very ancient just yet, but the color and design of this one sure makes it more of old and vintage than ancient. Do you agree?

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