10 Sunburst Mirrors in Beautiful Dining Rooms

Now, I know that I have already compiled a couple of lists about sunburst mirrors, but why not? They look really awesome and they come in different, wonderful and amazing designs! They come in different colors and materials which I think make it more interesting and fun to collect. I personally don’t think that people needs a lot of sunburst mirrors, but again, why not?

Today, you would be seeing a list of 20 Sunburst Mirrors in Beautiful Dining Rooms. These sunburst mirrors may somehow look alike but differ in all the best reasons; the said mirrors were chosen individually to fit the needs of each dining space. Check out the list and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Glen Ellen Hillside Hideaway

Glen Ellen

Arrowtown Construction

This is the first sunburst mirror that I saw that looks like this. Usually, the sunburst mirrors have fuller looking rays than this one. Of course, I think that this one is just fabulous – I mean, that why I actually made this the first photo in this list. The color of the mirror sure contrasts the color of the wall but complements the decors on the buffet table.

2. La Luna

La Luna

Eclipse Homes

Well this dining area sure is spacious! The white walls make it larger than it actually is. It’s the primary reason why designers choose white as wall color to be dominant in their space design. Take a look at the color of the chairs which complements with the painting on the wall.

3. Lexington Residence

Highland Park

M. Barnes & Co.

This dining room which is practically dominated with wood and wood-colored decors. What do you think about the lamps, the cloud-like plates on the wall and sunburst mirror? This space is just really homey and very much something anyone would want to go home to every night.

4. Lower Haight Residence

Haight Res

Strening Architects

This is one interesting dining space because of the unusual shape this place is in. It’s quite fun to see spaces like this one because what we see all the time is rectangular, square or even circular. A cute space with enough walls to cover windows, doors and even a fireplace – with a sunburst mirror!

5. Saskatchewan Crescent West

Saskatchewan Crescent

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc. has two entries in this list – why? It’s because aside from having awesome dining spaces, these two spaces that I am talking about happens to have dining spaces with sunburst mirrors! Well, take a look at this space and enjoy the view.

6. Wilding

Thompson Custom

Thompson Custom Homes

Now this dining room is something I really like – liked because of the awesome wallpaper design, pretty furniture and awesome decors! The colors used in this space are just stunning and the vintage feel is just really astounding. I’m pretty sure people would love this space.

7. Willowgrove Contemporary

Willowgrove Contemporary

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

This sure is one gorgeous dining space! It might be because of the black used on the walls (which are really pretty), the black high back chairs and the stunning chandelier and the elaborate sunburst mirror! This is one stunning space that I think is just superb!

8. Spencer Avenue

Spencer Avenue

Digs Design Company

This dining space is quite a treat – there seems to be a couple of things going on in it and its still stunning! The chairs are unique and somehow native, the chandelier somehow match the sunburst mirror by the buffet area and the candle holders on the table is just pretty! I mean, what more can ask for in here? I mean, there’s food – but that’s a given already right?

9. East Aspen Residence

East Aspen

Forum Phi

This home sure has tons of space where people can actually run around. The walls and the flooring contrast with each other but that’s what makes it perfect. The chairs in here look really pretty, just like the sunburst mirror on the wall.

10. Frisco Residence

Frisco Residence

Baker Design Group

So, we have three sunburst mirrors in here. Pretty neat and convenient actually, because they are smaller than usual and it’s perfect to cover the wall just adjacent to the dining table and chairs; the chandelier in here sure is pretty too – a bit vintage, but really stunning.

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